Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Breaking Down First Round Trades Buccaneers and Jaguars

Since there is a new CBA in the NFL, the traditional draft pick value chart is out of date. I have taken it upon myself to make a new one and I will be breaking down all of the trade deals to see who came out on top.

Trade #3 Tampa Bay trades the 5th pick to Jacksonville for the 7th and 101st picks

Under the old system: The trade nearly breaks even, but Jacksonville win the trade by underpaying by the value of an early 4th round pick

Under my chart: Tampa Bay got robbed. Jacksonville should have had to give up an early second round pick to swap spots. Jacksonville wins the trade.

Eye Test: I don't understand why Tampa made this deal. Perhaps they didn't like Claiborne, perhaps they just wanted more picks. Regardless of the reason why the trade was made, Jacksonville clearly comes out on top.

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