Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thoughts on a Past Love

Recently, I was talking with a friend about Albert Pujols and his chances to break Bond's home run record. It lead me to a sad realization:

Those records don't mean anything to me anymore.
I feel like baseball broke my trust
Part of my love for that game that I grew up with has died
I am not sure i will be able to revive it
Even when my Cubs were good I was still holding back
One of the things that enthralled me as a kid was the idea of these epic numbers and the idea of watching someone approach them
But now the numbers seem smaller
And mean less
Part of what made baseball so magical for me is that it was such an old game with so much tradition
Almost anything amazing that happened had happened before
But when you got to see something that had never happened before in baseball
You knew it was something that you would likely never see again in your life
And in that context every game had to opportunity to be The Game that changed baseball history forever
Now changing baseball history is like turning the page of a newspaper
Almost simplicity itself to do, yet somehow you still end up with dirty hands