Friday, June 27, 2008

NBA Draft 2008...who could ask for more?

Well last night was the NBA draft and please let me say that it was a great big steaming pile of crap.

Not the draft itself, that was fine. In fact, I thought ESPN did a good job coving it and making it almost watchable. Plus, I am always up for a good draft with the intrigue and the strategy. What made this draft so terrible is that there was only two good players. After Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley were off the board the story lines were over.

Yes, there were also some good "value picks" and some prospects with "upside", but as a whole after the first two picks were over you could switch over to I Love the New Millenium on VH1 and you would not miss anything by checking back during every other commercial break.

Now normally you would continue to watch incase of trades, but there were no blockbuster deals except for the Timberwolves trading OJ Mayo and crap to Memphis, for assorted overpaid roleplayers and Kevin Love. [Side note...Kevin Love and next years first overall pick Tyler Hansbrough will eventually compete in a reality TV show that will attempt to determine who will be the lead singer for The Giant White Busts]

And that took place after the draft.

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