Thursday, July 10, 2008

How could you leave without saying goodbye…

So after an eventful week I have returned. I went home to the Chicagoland area for a weekend of pampering at the hands of my parents. It was awesome. Then I came back home and decided to get engaged. So that is where I have been.

And what a week to ten days it has been in the meantime. Two major trades in Baseball, Brett Favre may be un-retiring, and the NBA free agent shuffle has gone off to a roaring start.

So here is my take…Who Cares!

What? The sports guy doesn’t care about these huge sports stories? That’s right I don’t. Nor do I care about Jason Giambi’s mustache, all star voting, or A-Rod violating his vows of marriage for the hundredth time. (Allegedly)

The only stories that should have any buzz are the two baseball trades, but even those lack the luster of your typical midseason blockbuster because the counteract each other and therefore maintain the balance of power that already existed in the NL Central.

[And I don’t care what you say…the St. Louis Cardinals never were a real contender in the division…they were merely keeping the Brewers seat warm.]

The real story is that baseball is back and the games are better than ever.

Look at the divisions and some of the races that are shaping up.
AL East traditional powerhouses Red Sox and Yankees battle each other and the upstart division leading Rays.
AL Central the White Sox holding a slim lead over a charging Twins team with the Tigers as a wild card contender.
NL West does anyone want to win it?
NL Central will have the best pennant race in the national league between the Brewers and the Cubs.
NL East features the Mets and the Phillies, two good teams.

The game itself is the story not the away from the field madness that clogs up Sportscenter these days. [Although I do want to give them kudos for the My Wish segments]

Please watch the games, enjoy the games, and teach your friends and family about the games.

…Unless you really enjoy ESPN’s coverage of the Teddy Roosevelt Mascot’s losing streak in New National Park.

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