Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome...You've Got Blog

I know, I know, too easy right? But I had to do it.

Just as a random side note...the whole You've Got Mail soundbyte from AOL being the title concept for a movie is a little ridiculous, but as I have not seen the movie itself, I may be judging to harshly.

This blog is going to be the shared experience of my personal introspection of my life. At the same time many of my posts will discuss and refine my views on politics and sports.
But since this is my introductory entry I will begin by discussing the big question of who I am.
Who I am cannot be answered in a blog regardless of what popular media would lead you to believe. I am sure that we have all seen the Twix commercial that talks about blogging.

Well, that is not me.

I am the personification of paradox. Even those who know me the best know nothing about me. I am an open book, but the secrets within the pages of that book cannot be unlocked merely by reading. I am the guy who plays Fantasy Football, takes a day off work to watch the NFL Draft, but also can recite most Disney movies by heart.

For those of you who will come to readmy opinions on sports and politics...I am just a regular guy. I have no specialized knowledge, but I know how to think and I have an opinion. And this is what you do if you have a thought on something, you blog.

I look forward to our journey together. I know it’s hard to get to know me but Don't Stop Believin' that you can and we will get along great.

If you want to leave a comment I would love to read them.


SickChick13 said...


13 is my favorite number~and you are 1 of my favorite friends

Mike Ness~13
Dan Marino~13
Sammy Hagar~13

No, this does not make any sense, but you changed your blog and now I am felling uproarish~

Andy said...


SickChick13 said...

Yes, I am. Thank you for letting everyone else know~