Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roid Rage

I sit before you as a sufferer of roid rage. Specifically I am unbelievablely, undeniably angry at Major League Baseball and everything that is to do with it.

Of course A-Rod's admission to the use of steriods is what has set me off at this particular time, but I have been arguing the case against steroid use since the time of Grady Anderson.

But to the point...A-Rod's scripted apology and admission of "guilt" have me boiling. I could have forgiven him. I could have forgiven everyone who took steroids, if they would just come out and admit it. Not admit it like A-rod did (an admission full of half truths and pleas of ignorance) but come out and tell us what you did and why. We will, I will, forgive you...just come completely clean.

That said I do forgive A-Rod but now no matter what he does for the rest of his career I will speak out against his entry into the hall of fame. (Unless he comes clean with full disclosure then I will reconsider him)

I feel that way with all of my heroes who have fallen in this steroid scandal. (Big Mac, Sammy, Ralphy, Bones, and the rest) Just come clean and all will be forgiven.

That said I will never stop arguing for Bud Selig and Donald Fehr to be fired.

Bud Selig the commish who oversaw the strike (which is never a fight between players and the owners but between owners and the owners), the commish who looked the other way during the home run chase, and the commish who lied to congress and was rewarded with a $18 million plus salary. He needs to be gone

Donald Fehr who is so busy trying to get the players money that he is not taking care of the players lives and health. The man who lets agents walk all over the CBA and looked away with Bud Selig while steroids threatened to destroy the game. He should be gone.

It is time for a new system in baseball. Its time for the best interests of the game clause to be involved to create a new position. Create a real commissioner who does not work for the players or the owners but acts in the best interests of the sport. It will never happen, but until it does baseball will continue to slowly die.

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