Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kurt Warner: Hall of Fame Worthy?

We have all heard his zero to hero story. We have all heard how great of a guy he is. But is Kurt Warner a hall of fame player.

I say no, but let’s look at the arguments on both sides.

Great Story
He took two traditional terrible franchises and brought them to the super bowl. (with one win)
He has comparable stats with other hall of fame QBs.
He has the top three passing yard totals in super bowl history.
2 time NFL MVP
Super Bowl MVP
Has lost 2 super bowls on 2 last second plays that were outside of his control

He does not have a hall of fame name: 10 years from now will Kurt Warner be remembered with a reverent pause like Dan Marino or Joe Montana
He had 5 AMAZING years spread out in 11 seasons
Lots of injuries
Benched 3 times
In the 3 seasons that he went to the superbowl, he has arguably the best wide receiving tandem in the league. (Holt and Bruce, Boldin and Fitzgerald)

I have heard it said that what defines a hall of fame is who is left out. I think that Kurt Warner falls just short of enshrinement. Of course with one more great season I think my opinion would change.

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