Saturday, May 30, 2009

Carlos Zambrano is Stupid

I know, its not exactly a news flash. But the Chicago Cubs hulking, gatorade machine crushing, right hander needs to stop with the tantrums and start pitching like he did last year against the Astros.

Now I will admit that everyone gets a little testy as times, after all the mild mannered Ted Lilly did get thrown out recently, and Carlos was not the first cub to go after the defenseless beverage dispenser (that honor went to the normally affable Ryan Dempster).

So why pick on Mr. Zambrano? Because it is a pattern of behavior. You never know when crazy Carlos will show up, but you know that he will at least once a month.

So what is the solution. The final step is trading him to someone like the Yankees, Rangers, Mets, Nationals, Angels, or anyone else who would like a very talented, very expensive, very emotional pitcher who had all world stuff.

But that is a bit drastic so how about having a designated Carlos Calmer.

Lets face it, someone should have gotten in between Carlos and the Ump, but Sweet Lou couldn't waddle fast enough, Larry Rothschild is to mild to be noticed, and Alan Trammell is so much shorter than Big Z (Trammel 6'0" Zambrano 6'5") that I am not sure Z would even see him.

So find a relatively young, tall, former player to be the Designated Calmer...problem're welcome.

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