Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I'm Coming Back"

That's right Tim Tebow, I too am coming back. After a almost 7 month on hiatus I have returned because it is the start of NFL draft season.

That's right, after the flurry of college prospects have announced their intentions for Aprils draft I believe that I am ready to give an my first assessment of of their decisions, and like any good blogger I am going to devote this post to the most important position on the field.

Here is my review of...the Quarterbacks.

Now to be honest, even though there will be around 30 QBs in the draft this year, there are only 6 quarterbacks that I am going to touch on. I do thins not because I think the other 24 are bad people, I just think they are irrelevant as pro prospects this year. (With the exception of Nate Davis who I may cover another time if he has a good combine.)

I am going to judge the quarterbacks decisions in several areas: career potential, financial potential, draft stock, and finally intelligence.

Tim Tebow - Florida #15 Junior 6'3" 240 lbs
Pros - Superior Athlete and Leader, Intelligent and Hard Working, Great Intangibles, NFL Size and Body, High Character, Fast, Threat to Run, Good Decision Maker
Cons - Does Not Have Pro Quarterback Skill Set, Accuracy Concerns, Does Not Have NFL Arm Strength
Career Potential- By staying out of this year's draft Tim Tebow has given himself an opportunity to try to develop into a legitimate NFL quarterback. Even if he is not able to develop his passing game he will still find his way on to an NFL roster.
Financial Potential- Waiting one more year to get paid will not hurt Tim at all. He can consider one more year in college as a financial investment in his NFL career.
Draft Stock- Can only go up. Tim is a 3rd or 4th rounder right now and will not fall any lower than that. He could rise to a 2nd or even 1st rounder if he improves.
Intelligence- This was a smart well researched move that went against Tim's plans and ego.
Result- Tim made the best decision of anyone in the draft.

Sam Bradford - Oklahoma #14 Sophomore (RS) 6'4" 218 lbs
Pros- Heisman Trophy Winner, Athletic Playmaker, Good Accuracy, Good Intangibles, High Character
Cons-Does Not Have Big Arm, Does Not Read Defences Well, Small Body of Work to Draw From, Side Arm Delivery, Sloppy Footwork At Times
Career Potential- Aside from being drafted by the Lions or Chiefs, Bradford's career potential could not have been better than in this draft. His stock will never be higher and will most likely be lower. Oklahoma is losing 4 out of 5 linemen so Sam will most likely have a tough season next year.
Financial Potential- By going back to school Bradford is costing himself millions.
Draft Stock- At best will stay the same but most likely will go down. Look for Bradford in the mid to late 1 round or even early second
Intelligence- An all around bad decision
Results- I still like him but he has made a bad move.

Matthew Stafford - Georgia #7 Junior 6'3" 237 lbs
Pros- Huge Arm, Pro Body, The Best Of This Group Right Now
Cons- Does Not Read Defenses Well, Questions About His Decision Making
Career Potential- The only thing that hurts Stafford in this draft is that the Detroit Lions have the first pick.
Financial Potential- He will be filthy dirty rich
Draft Stock- Perfect time to come out.
Intelligence- A good decision.
Result- Too bad he will be playing for the Lions

Mark Sanchez - USC #6 Junior (RS) 6'3" 225 lbs
Pros- Played In A Pro Style Offense, Dominated Inferior Competition
Cons- Never Faced A Real Challenge In College, Needs More Experience, Needs More Development To Be A Starter
Career Potential- He will go to the Chiefs or the 49ers who are both on the rise, but neither have shown that they can develop a quarterback so his future may be bleak.
Financial Potential- He will get his money in the draft but he has hurt his long term earning potential.
Draft Stock- He will go in the first 15.
Intelligence- If he was looking for money this was the draft to enter. If he was looking for a long term career she should have come back to school.
Result - I never liked him, I think he is Matt Leinart part 2.

Colt McCoy - Texas #12 Junior (RS) 6'3" 210 lbs
Pros- May Be The Best Long Term Pro Quarterback Of The Group, Good Arm, Good Decision Making, Very Accurate, BEST QUARTERBACK NAME EVER
Cons- May Be A One Year Wonder, Need Another Year To Polish His Game
Career Potential- Could be the best of this bunch.
Financial Potential- He will make big money if he has a solid year.
Draft Stock- First rounder right now, top 5 with another good season next year.
Intelligence- The right decision.
Result - He would look good in a Chicago Bears Uniform.

Graham Harrell - Texas Tech #6 Senior (RS) 6'3" 205 lbs
Pros- Had A Great Season, Big Numbers, Good Arm, Accurate
Cons- Plays In A Gimmick Offense With A History Of Bad Pro QBs,
Career Potential- He is a wild card, but most wild cards turn up as bad QBs
Financial Potential- He will be a mid round pick and had no more eligibility left.
Draft Stock- Mid-Round guy who could grow as a backup.
Intelligence- It was the only choice he could make.
Results- He is a longshot, but I wish him the best.

Well here are my opinions on these QBs. What do you think?

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